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I am an experienced, affordable "business contract and real estate attorney" who is usually available "on demand." (Email works best. No need for office visits!) I provide straightforward and unequivocal advice regarding contracts, zoning and other land use (municipal and township) issues. I have 30+ years of teaching (a few legal seminars for bar associations), trial work (essential for contract preparation in my opinion), and preparing land contracts, personal notes and mortgages, leases and lease-options, purchase agreements, and related documents.  

      This is "my life," and it isn't as boring as it sounds, thanks to people shooting themselves in the foot with do-it-yourself and "other sources' contracts," and the public's general legal naivete.

A Focus on Results

The first step is for us to work with you and come up with a plan to get the results you need. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances, we will craft a path to success.

To Realtors:

Does "the company line" not make total sense to you when asking your manager questions to help your buyer or seller in a jam? Then act in your client's best interest as you must. Have your client call me. 

Buyers and Sellers:


Is your Realtor telling you that you must do something  that doesn't quite sit well with you?  About Earnest Money or "inspection results" or "needing a mutual release?"

Then call me, or email: 440-944-5570


"The title company" cannot prepare deeds or other legal documents. That is illegal. And  in my experience, 90% or more of the untold hundreds of deeds I have reviewed are prepared wrong to some degree or another. Period. And when the fur hits the fan over a deed error five, ten or twenty years later, there is invariably nothing a stung buyer or seller can do about it as a practical manner but suffer the consequences when major problems occur.  (There is a "one year statute of limitations" for attorney malpractice.) 


"The person at the Courthouse" (The county recorder's office) cannot give you --nor do they have the expertise to give you-- legal advice. 


Do you need an attorney that has not only "been around the legal block," but also provided substantive content for Ohio laws and broker's purchase agreements?  The opposite: Can you give full confidence in an attorney that "someone referred you who does real estate" ... along with workers' comp claims, criminal defense, personal injury and  wills? Experience teaches, and the more experience the better.


"The law of contract" is logical and understandable, but you have to know all of it, or you are "just smart enough to be dangerous" my opinion.   /s/  Gerry Patronite